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Where did you grow up

Became a Christian...
Disclaimer: I'm not as snarky as what you hear On-Air. :) I like to think I'm a nice person, but they say self-analysis is impossible to pull off, but hey, I'm trying here... Anyway--the story--> I grew up with a mom that faithfully took us to church every week. When it came to my senior year of high school and first year of college, I began to realize some thing...


Dan Kestell

On-Air: Yes

Where did you grow up
The Burque and stuff…

Became a Christian
I grew up with Christian parents and thought I was always a Christian. I remember sitting outside a donut shop after church when I was about 4 and asking Jesus into my heart. Then I grubbed on like six delicious donuts, but not truly knowing what it meant to be a Christian. I struggled to try to be morally right and a "good person" throughout middle school and most of high school, but had doubts about who God is and if He really cares for me. My senior year in high school, a friend started questioning me about my faith and this helped me start reading my Bible to really get a grasp of what I had said I believed for so long. After high school, all of my close friends moved away for college so I thought, "Hey those kids at church have to be nice to me," and I started getting involved with the church. I met a girl who I thought was cute and she challenged me to seek God first instead of a relationship with her. I did and it was awesome. After I really grew to know God, I decided to marry that girl.

Why are you a DJ
I am a DJ mostly because I have a smooth, velvety-chocolate voice and I’m not pretty enough for TV . But seriously, I am a DJ because I love music, I love talking (obviously), and I think the world could use more good music. But mostly because it’s a blasty…

I love messing around with gadgets and Gizmos. I am currently attending UNM for a computer science degree and I love building and creating things. I knit and crochet, manly I know, and I like to hang out with my two-year-old daughter because she is awesome. I have seen just about every episode of Dora the Explorer two-three times (see reference to two-year-old daughter) and am a connoisseur of terrible cable TV shows.

I like listening to all kinds of music, but I am not a big fan of alternative rock because I feel it is only an alternative to good music. My favorite music is indie/folk and hardcore in certain situations. I will listen to country music, mainly only when I go fishing or camping or hunting, cause it gets me in the hillbilly mood. I do a little hip hop/rap but it is not really my box of chocolates; it has to be accompanied by a really good beat/music. Favorite bands include Manchester Orchestra, mewithoutYou, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, The Civil Wars, and many more.

As I mentioned, I have a wife of four years, a daughter who just turned two, a dog, two cats, a bird, three chickens, some fish, and an Albino African Dwarf Frog named Voldemort (Voldy for short). I am one of those typical parents who loves to brag about my kid. My wife is the coolest. All my Animals are named after Harry Potter characters.

Lifetime Achievements?
I arm-wrestled a Gorilla and won, true story…(not really).



On-Air: Matteo

Where did you grow up
I grew up near Tupelo, MS. It's where Elvis was born.
He's the king of rock 'n' roll. Well…he was. Until he died.
…I'm sorry I brought that up.

Became a Christian
I've always been a Christian, even before I was born. I can still faintly remember coming down from the celestial plane and turning into a baby so that I could be born into the physical world. I'm currently awaiting the signal to ascend the ranks of governing office of the United States so I can begin my mission of turning this world into the best place ever, a d...



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Birthday: February 8th

Where did you grow up
Right here in the 505! Half of my life in Albuquerque, the other half in the East Mountains. Mo-Town represent!

Became a Christian
After growing up in a spiritually empty home, I gave my life to Jesus in September of 2006. Even though I have a specific date/place/time of when I confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior, it was a process of letting Him actually be my Lord. I'd say that happened throughout the next year. Moment after moment, trial after trial, God revealed what it meant to rely wh...



On-Air: Yes in the morning
Birthday: July 16

Where did you grow up
I'm still waiting to grow up.

Became a Christian
I grew up in a Christian home. I walked down at an altar call when I was seven years old, but I only did it because I wanted to be onstage with Psalty, so that didn't really count. It wasn't until my twenties when I realized there was more to Christianity than just attending church and "being good."


It's more than just the music

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