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Theology Thursday LogoTheology Thursday is an hour-long segment during Team Awesome Morning Party on Thursdays (surprise!) at 9 am. Dig deeper in this segment dedicated to Bible questions and theological issues like creation, the origin of sin, and doctrines of the faith and why they are important. Give us a call at 505.338.3700, and get solid answers from in-studio special guests who are grounded in God's Word.



Below are the episodes from the podcast.

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  4/17/2014 Theology Thursday 04/17/2014: The Return of the Theology Thursday Podcast
...And we're back! Last week's podcast went all 3rd letter to the Corinthians on us and was lost amidst a "server reset," but we're happy to report that things are back online and we're ready to talk about some Resurrection in celebration of Easter! Today Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero school the boys in Team Awesome Morning Party on all things risen and pastel, and it's quite the golden egg, if you know what I mean. (whaa whaa whaaaa.) We discuss these themes within the Resurrection: 1. Timeline 2. Evidence a. Eye Witness Accounts b. Reliability of Scripture Accounts 3. More Scriptural Insight We also discuss the meaning of the "morning star" a bit, and the parallels and mistranslations of that term throughout church history. Check it out! Resources for ya: Daniel Wallace (many books on Resurrection) F.F. Bruce: "Canon of Scripiture" Paul D. Wegner: "The Journey from Texts to Translations" N.T. Wright: "Resurrection and the Son of God," "Surprised by Hope," "Simply Christian"
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  4/3/2014 Theology Thursday 04/03/2014: The Rapture, the Apocrypha, and the Book of Revelation (and More.)
Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero are back and they are back with a vengeance! Join Team Awesome Morning Party and the two resident theologians as we get through a bunch of questions straight from you concerning the deeper side of things. Want some resources? Check them out: Revelation: "Things to Come" by Dwight Pentecost, "The Final Act" by Chuck Smith, "Revelation" by Skip Heitzig The Apocrypha: "The Canon of Scripture" by F.F. Bruce Creation Story Interpretations: "Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?" by John Collins Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and its relation to Cults: "Living Water" by Chuck Smith, "Reasoning From the Scriptures with Mormons" by Ron Rhodes The World Vision Controversy: An Article on Homosexuality from Pastor Brian Nixon
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  3/13/2014 Theology Thursday 03/13/2014: Demonic Possesion, Secret Societies, and Encouragement for Those Who've Walked Away
Today on Theology Thursday things take a turn into spookier territory as we discuss demonic possession, the differences between said possession and temptation, the thin line walked by engaging culture with faith through culture, encouragement for those who have walked away, and even secret societies and things of the like. Want some resources that you can turn to? A great place to start is!
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  3/6/2014 Theology Thursday 03/06/2014: Noah, Church Attendance, Christian Perfectionism, The Increasing Role of Advanced Technology in our World, and More.
Welcome back folks! A new Thursday crests the Sandia Mountains and brings with it another riveting edition of Theology Thursday with resident scholars Pastor Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero and resident buffoons Stevo and Matteo. Today we tackle quite a few different but nonetheless fascinating topics including: Noah (the movie and the biblical account) Resource: author Henry Morris Church Attendance Christian Perfectionism (positional vs. practical) Blasphemy (where does the line get drawn?) Technology/A.I. (where does THAT line get drawn?) Resource: Civil Unions/ Biblical stance on gender relations Resource: Agree,disagree, or just have a questions for the guys? Shoot it our way! Send us any questions or feedback to studio@mystaticradio and put Theology Thursday in the subject line. Booyah.
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  2/27/2014 Theology Thursday 02/27/2014: Discrepancies in the Bible, Camel Domestication, Biblical References to Homosexuality, and Snake Handling
Theology Thursday is back on this next to last day of February, and Stevo and Matteo welcome Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero in to tackle more tough questions relating to all things Theological. Check it out, and here are some references and resources mentioned if you'd like to delve into the topics further: Biblical Discrepancies/ Contradictions: "When Critics Ask" & "When Skeptics Ask" by Norman Geisler (other topics are covered mostly by Scripture)
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  2/20/2014 Theology Thursday 02/20/2014: A Little Follow-up on Old Earth/New Earth Creationism, Discussing the Nephilim, Familial Protection under Christ, and Exactly When the Soul Enters the Body.
Today we cover a wide range of topics in Theology Thursday with our resident scholarly types (Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero) and our resident knuckle-heads (Stevo and Matteo) including: When does a soul enter the body? Conception? Later? Resources: "Jesus, Friend of Children" by Skip Heitzig "Safe in the Arms of God" by John MacArthur Familial Protection/Blessing in Christ Follow-up on Old Earth vs. New Earth Creationism vs. Theistic Evolution Resources: Brian's "Larry the Fish" Example The Discovery Institute Research Authors: William Dembski, Phillip Johnson, "The Science of God: The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom" by Gerald Schroeder "There is a God" by Antony Flew Resurrection (this topic will be covered in-depth in a future episode): Resources: "The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus" by Gary R. Habermas and Mike Liacona William Lane Craig N.T. Wright What the heck were the Nephilim? ..and more! Thanks so much for listening, and if you love the segment, tell your friends!
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  2/13/2014 Theology Thursday 02/13/2014: New Earth v. Old Earth v. Middle Earth v. Hollow Earth
Sadly, Gandalf and Mole Man weren't able to make the debate so we discuss new earth vs. old earth and why you should study this for yourself.
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  2/6/2014 Theology Thursday 02/06/2014: The Creation/Evolution Debate, The
This week Dr. Ken Hamm of Answers in Genesis debated world famous scientist Bill Nye (the Science Guy) about the viability of teaching creationism in our schools alongside the theory of evolution, and you know our boys Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero are going to give their insights on the whole shebang. We discuss the question of God's will changing; Does He ever change His mind? We also cover translation issues and the hebrew world for "homosexuality." Resources Referenced: The Will of God / Translation of the Bible: "Bible Difficulties" - Norman Geisler "From God to Us" - Norman Geisler Creationism / Christian Evolutionism / Other: "Darwin's Doubt" - Stephen Meyer Authors: Henry Morris, Jay Richards from the Discovery Institute
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  1/30/2014 Theology Thursday 01/30/2014: Progressive Theology, Other Important (Denomination-Specific) Christian Books, Agnosticism, the Age of Accountability, and More.
It's time for another edition of Theology Thursday, and today Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero help us navigate quite a few theological topics (8 different ones to be exact!) Can babies be saved? Is it right for a pastor and his congregation to be out getting drunk in bars or night clubs? Are Seventh-Day Adventists part of mainstream Christianity? We discuss these questions and more on today's podcast. Check it out! Resources Referenced: Progressive/ Process Theology: Authors: Norman Geisler, William Lane Craig, A.W. Tozer ("The Knowledge of the Holy") Denomination-Specific Important Books: The Book of Discipline (Methodist) The Calvary Chapel Distintives (Calvary Chapel) Salvation of Babies/Mentally Ill/Those Who Haven't Heard the Gospel: "From the Edge of Eternity" Skip Heitzig Seventh-Day Adventivists: "Kingdom of the Cults" by Walter Martin Agnosticism and Christianity: "The Case for Faith" by Lee Strobel "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel Islamic Law Article:
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  1/23/2014 Theology Thursday 01/23/2014: Free Will or Predeterminism, Especially Difficult Spiritual Warfare, and the Question of Other People Outside of the Garden of Eden
It's Theology Thursday again, and we open the show with one of the most consistent questions of the nature of God and it's relation to man's eternal destination: Do we have free choice? We also talk about spiritual warfare and how it can make us doubt our standing with the Lord, when sin becomes an intense craving that seems impossible to deny, and close out with a few thoughts on where Cain's wife came from. Prepare your thinking cap. Referenced resources include: Calvinism / Armenianism: "The Nature of Necessity" by Alvin Plantinga "A Reasonable Response" by William Land Craig and Joseph Gorra People Groups Outside of the Garden of Eden: "Science and the Bible" by Henry Morris
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  1/16/2014 Theology Thursday 01/16/2014: Speaking in Tongues, Legal Mary Jane, Divorce, and Consequences.
Welcome back to Theology Thursday, our weekly segment with Pastors Brian Nixon (affectionately called B-Nix around these parts) and Jarrett Petero (affectionately called Brad Pitt II around these parts) that digs deeper into the thick water of Theology. Today we approach topics including the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado, speaking in tongues, divorce, and whether or not God's plan changes for individuals throughout the course of a believer's life. Put on your thinking cap and let's get to it!
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  1/9/2014 Theology Thursday 01/09/2014: Our Inaugural Edition of Theology Thursday
Welcome to our new segment for 2014, Theology Thursday! We welcome Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero to help out with some deep questions of the theological variety, so put your thinking caps on and get ready to dig deep!
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