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As Jesus stood trial before Pilate, he was asked an interesting question, “what is Truth?” Truth, with a capital T. Philosophers and seekers have been trying to figure that out for centuries. Ironically, our culture seems to have given up on the concept all together, saying that truth is relative. It isn't, but it is knowable. Discover truth with a capital T by listening to Static U. The Bible reveals the answer to the question, “what is Truth?” Get schooled on truth with Static U, every Sunday evening on Static Radio.


Fresh Life with Levi Lusko

Sundays 6:00 PM

Join Levi Lusko from Fresh Life Church each Sunday night on Static Radio at 7 pm. This one-hour show is designed to cultivate your hunger for the Word of God through a super laid-back time of study with no hype. The vision of Fresh Life Church is to see people who are stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.

Visit Fresh Life with Levi Lusko's website


Shock Therapy with Nate Heitzig

Sundays 6:30 PM

Bible study featuring the teaching of Nate Heitzig.


Shock Therapy Live with Nate & Stevo

Sundays 7:00 PM

Missed Wednesday’s broadcast of Shock Therapy Live? Here’s your second chance to hear Nate Heitzig and Stevo Jeter as they address various topics and issues facing you. Prepare to be shocked, offended, and challenged as we discuss controversial subjects and what the Bible has to say about them. And remember if you have a question, you can post it to Static Radio's Facebook Page , or email it to the studio and they’ll try to get to it during Wednesday’s live broadcast.

Visit Shock Therapy Live with Nate & Stevo's website.


Scott Richards Live

Sundays 8:00 PM

Scott  Richards Live is a rebroadcast of a daily call-in show answering listeners' questions about the Bible. Scott Richards is a graduate of the University of Arizona and Talbot Theological Seminary. He currently serves as senior pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship of Tucson, Arizona.


The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson

Sundays 9:00 PM

The transition through young adulthood is a time of adventure, discovery, and excitement—but also loneliness, longing, and uncertainty. With encouragement and advice for navigating relationships, career, culture, faith, and more, The Boundless Show helps you mature in Christ as a foundation for marriage and family. That requires living intentionally with purpose by bringing your gifts, talents, and Christian worldview to bear on your whole life. Through The Boundless Show podcast, we're here to help you enjoy the journey

Visit The Boundless Show website.


Rock Radio with Miles McPherson

Sundays 10:00 PM

Rock Radio is Miles McPherson's daily radio broadcast that covers biblical topics and applies them to our lives. Known for his frank and funny delivery, Miles loves to call people to think about how God has prepared them to do something significant with their lives. He's a prolific speaker, one who can talk to anyone—from prison inmates to senior citizens. He challenges everyone to go out and do something for God!

Visit the Rock Radio with Miles McPherson website.


The Connection Weekend with Skip Heitzig

Sundays 10:30 PM

The Connection Weekend radio broadcast with Skip Heitzig helps equip believers to live according to God's principles. These 30-minute broadcasts follow Calvary's mission of upreach to our Heavenly Father, inreach to those already in the body of Christ, and outreach to those lost in sin.

Visit The Connection Radio Broadcast with Skip Heitzig website.


Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias

Sundays 11:00 PM

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries seeks to reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility and the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hear Bible teaching you can trust from one of the leading apologists and expositors of our time.

Visit Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias's website.

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